Who Is Myson Jones?

Over the past 3 years, Myson has built a following of over 10,000 basketball trainers nationally and has trained over 700 athletes locally in Greenville, SC. He's fascinated with podcasting about the similarities between basketball and business on the B2B (Basketball To Business) podcast. He also co-founded a software company called Hoops Institute that helps basketball trainers grow a full-time, profitable basketball training business.


According to his grandma, Myson was born with a basketball in his hand. He has been playing basketball since he was 3 years old. What he really enjoyed was watching ESPN in the morning before school, and listening to his favorite anchor, Stuart Scott. Then and there, he began to love the science and art of communication. In high school, Myson started as a freshman on his AAAA varsity team. He earned a full basketball scholarship to Anderson University where he learned valuable lessons about competition and communication skills as a team-captain and as a presidential ambassador for the Admission Department.


In 2015, Myson graduated college and began his corporate career. He remembers making 50 cold calls an hour during an early (an experience he considers invaluable). In 2017, Myson decided to try his hand at entrepreneurship and began Hoops University. Hoops University’s sole mission is to help basketball players graduate to a higher degree of fulfillment from the game of basketball. Myson is also working on Hoops Institute, a software company for basketball trainers. The goal for Hoops Institute is to help 1,000 basketball trainers build and grow a profitable basketball training business. Myson’s dream is to own and operate a profitable sports facility for athletes in the upstate of South Carolina.

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