B2B 143 – Coach Paul Easton Explains What REALLY Matters As A Basketball Trainer

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Talking with Coach Paul Easton is always informative and great. Coach Paul and Myson talk about stoicism, mental health, and what really matters as a basketball trainer. They also talk about how COVID helped put things into a different perspective in regards to what’s important in life and basketball training. Details of the Interview: 

00:08 – 04:40 Pros and Cons of the Pandemic to Basketball Trainers 

05:20 – 06:15 It’s all about giving back 

09:17 – 10:00 Giving Back VS In For The Buck 

12:30 – 15:17 The Greatest Gain in Being a Basketball Trainer 

19:44 – 20:50 How to Keep a Balanced Life as a Basketball Trainer 

24:57 – 27:42 A Mantra That Basketball Trainers Can Use in Handling Basketball Trainees 

29:34 – 29:59 The Ultimate Goal in Being a Basketball Trainer 

37:51 – 38:57 What Basketball Trainers Need to Know To Get More Trainees 

40:14 – 42:23 Learn About Equanimity in the World of Basketball

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