B2B 145 – Interview With Coach Shane Hennen

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In this podcast interview, get to know Coach Shane Hennen,  Head Trainer at the Bartlett Basketball Academy in Sioux Falls. Coach Shane is one of the top trainers you should check out in the Midwest area. This coach has trained many of the top high school, college and professional players, including Charlie Westbrook.   Discover Coach Shane’s personal journey in the world of basketball training and get some insights about having your own basketball training space – HOW, WHEN and WHY.


00:06 – What You’ll Get in Listening to Hoops Institute Podcasts

01:36 – Where Does Coach Shane Get Some Insights About The Basketball Training Industry

04:35 – Coach Shane’s Screen Time

05:50 – How Can Basketball Trainers Make Money Thru Social Media

08:11 – One of Coach Shane’s Inspiration

11:02 – Time Management in the World of a Basketball Trainer

13:18 – Time VS Revenue in the Basketball Training Business

14:56 – That Fulfillment When You Have Your Own Gym

16:25 – Story Behind Coach Shane’s Own Basketball Training Space

23:00 – Managing Simultaneous Training Sessions In One Gym

27:04 – Ideas About Pricing Basketball Training Sessions

29:18 – Coach Shane’s Basketball Training Packages

30:34 – How Much Does It Usually Cost To Put Up Your Own Gym

32:22 – What Young Aspiring Basketball Trainers Need To Know About Owning a Basketball Training Space

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