B2B 223 – Our Facebook Account Got Hacked!

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Yes, our Facebook accounts (personal and business) got hacked thru the Ad platform.

Two problems because of this:
Compared to IG, it’s in Facebook where our customers can swipe their cards to pay for our services

We’ve got a fair amount of leads from Facebook and we’re gearing towards ramping up the advertising spins to get more customers

But, we’re also taking this unfortunate event as a blessing in disguise because:

– This gives us the idea to explore more on other marketing strategies such as Google Ads and there’s nothing wrong with refocusing back on doing email marketing and other Gorilla marketing tactics which have been proven effective before the internet era

– We are reminded to make sure to get email addresses, phone numbers and other contact info from our clients in case we lose access to our social media and other online accounts that we use in marketing our training business

– May it be paid advertising or organic ways (flyers, business cards, etc.) to market the business, as long as we see it effective, then why not?

Our takeaways:
– Be creative and diversify your marketing tactics for your training business.

– Don’t forget to secure all your social media and other online accounts all the time!
Hope this helps you out! Busy season is here, work hard, have fun!

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