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What’s up, basketball trainers?

I know it’s been a while since our last podcast. Quick question for you guys: Are you having problems or challenges in growing your basketball training business?

Well, it’s Marketing Monday for Hoops Institute, and the founder of the renowned Bricks-To-Clicks® Marketing program has joined us to share his insights that could help us basketball trainers build and grow our training businesses.

Dr. James Barnes, a Mississippi State University professor and author of ‘5 Social Media Mistakes Your Business Should Avoid’, is also a Youth Basketball Coach for 20+ years now.

In this podcast, let’s all learn how we can market, and even run, our training business effectively, day-in and day-out. And with the current economic status, Dr. Barnes got something for us to look into to be able to thrive and survive as small business owners.

And trainers, is a Marketing Course really worth purchasing to help us out in the industry? You’ll find out!

Well, one thing we know that’s worthy is watching and listening to this podcast. Let’s go!

01:30 3 Magic Questions That Your Website Should Be Able to Answer

04:00 What really is “bounce rate”? And why is it important?

06:35 What Did Coach Myson do when he first watch Dr. Barnes video about the 3 Magic Questions?

07:16 What these 3 Magic Questions Really Can Do When Marketing Your Brand on Your Website

09:00 What Other Strategies/Tools That Could Help Businesses Survive

11:19 Knowing “The Problem” Is One Of The Key To Hook Potential Clients

14:57 How Positive Encouragement Relates To Marketing Your Business

17:28 How Can We Use Technology To Boost Brand Awareness?

18:30 How To Quantify Efforts Towards Brand Awareness To Thrive and Survive

24:45 How Outsourcing Can Help You Run Your Business More Efficiently

27:44 What To Do If You Feel Like Your Business Is No Longer Growing

31:56 What Small Business Owners Should Focus On In Terms of Economic Perspective

35:24 Everyday is A Competition In The Business World

37:30 Some Successful Business Stories You Need To Hear Today!

45:13 How Often Should You Communicate Your Brand To Your Prospect Clients (Consistency!!!)

50:06 What You Need To Know In Doing Advertising Campaigns

53:08 One Mistake That Everybody Makes When Checking Out Different Marketing Campaigns

54:50 Why is a Marketing Course Worth Purchasing?

Feel free to share any of your insights or comments on today’s podcast. And if you want to know more about Dr. James Barnes and his Bricks-To-Clicks® Marketing program, just click on the links below:

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