Adam Linkenauger – Founder Of I Love Basketball Talks Growing A 7-Figure and 1 Billion View Online Basketball Training Business | EPISODE 26

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You’ll hear from Adam Linkenauger, founder of Authority Online, and I Love Basketball, the largest online basketball training business in the world with billions of views and more than 1 million YouTube subscribers.
We talk about the process of building the largest online basketball training in the world and how they got to over 1 Billion views.
A lot of great trainers are hindered by the lack of marketing knowledge.
Adam helps build 6 and 7 figure passion businesses.
Check out the topics we cover:
05:00 – The funk he went through from ACC champion and Olympic trial athlete to popping his hamstring
07:00 – Why you shouldn’t compete against other trainers
15:00 – The culture of the I Love Basketball Channel
20:00 – How Adam met Rock Ullah, his business partner
27:00 – What makes some clients of Adam’s more successful than others
33:00 – How Much $$ Adam Started I :heart: Basketball and how he grew it organically
35:00 – The Crazy Business Feature That Left Me Speechless For A Second
36:00 – Why Every Trainer Should Market Online
41:00 – The opportunity open to work with I :heart: Basketball
Read the wisdom Adam shares on his Facebook page –
And Stay tuned for a business event coming up in January 2018 where you can receive a CUSTOM, and personalized business plan for your basketball training business for a high-functioning business.

Man… This is so good lolol

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