B2B 209 – CTTC Overtime Session With Myson Jones

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On to our next CTTC Overtime Session, Coach Myson Jones of Hoops Institute talks about stats, numbers, and business. According to him, two things that you need to start looking at in your basketball training business:
– Number of active trainees (monthly basis)
– Operating capacity  

Learn more about these two metrics in detail and how it will help you grow your basketball training business.   

And don’t miss the last CTTC Overtime Session and discover why you would need to have a Ryan Fabela in your training business!  

PS: Please bear with this episode as some portions of it had a bit of technical issues. And you might want to watch it, too, on Hoops Institute Youtube channel for better understanding as Coach Myson did this episode while presenting a Google sheet.
Link here: https://youtu.be/eFbUxQKUEN0


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