B2B 216 – Half-Time Break Session With Coach Korey Harris

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For this week’s Half-time Break Session, we’re giving you Coach Korey Harris, Founder of Student of the Game Training Co., LLC and General Manager of Shoot 360. Coach Korey is a skill development coach who’s aim is to offer elite skill training to basketball players and challenge them with the same teaching and concepts taught on the NBA, WNBA, and college levels.

In today’s podcast, you’ll hear from Coach Korey insights on:
– The importance of being organized to succeed in your training business
– The importance of strategy, and expanding your current skill set to continue attracting opportunities for consistent growth
– What basketball trainers can gain from training high level players
– How can you maximize your players’ efficiency on the court

Let us know if you want a Part II of this podcast with Coach Korey and we’ll make sure it’ll happen!

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