B2B 56 – What It Takes to Make Basketball Training Your Career | EPISODE 56

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This is Sean Hardeman’s second time on the podcast. Check out my first episode with Coach Hardeman here. He’s helped a handful of basketball trainers make basketball training their career! One of the most-known being Pat The Roc. And, he’s invited trainers to see how he operates. Secure your business bag by listening to Coach Hardeman’s wisodm! Contact Coach Hardeman through www.ball-hard.com Show Notes 2:00 – Why seeing your partner as competition is a dangerous mindset 4:00 – Moving goals and courts 5 times 6:00 – What drives Coach Hardeman every single day of his life 11:00 – What going 2 years without making any money did for him 19:00 – Getting kicked out of the gym by Travis Mays, Joey Wright, and Lance Blanks 22:00 – What competition really does and really is 28:45 – Your chance to make basketball training a career and lifestyle

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