B2B 81 – Preparing For A Basketball Training Career In Your Teens | EPISODE 81

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Samuel Franklin and I have a conversation about his process of becoming a full-time basketball trainer one year after graduating from college. I met Sam through a Damin Altizer camp, and have maintained a connection with him ever since. Here’s what you’ll learn during our conversation: 8:00 – Why Sam got a cease and desist letter from the YMCA and what he did to bounce back from losing his gym space 14:00 – The challenge of training and working a part-time job 19:00 – Jordan Lawley’s advice to Sam Franklin 26:00 – The benefits of being a middle school/high school coach and training simultaneously Samuel Franklin’s Instagram Myson Jones’ Instagram Make sure you join me and a community of other verified basketball trainers who give FREE advice in The Basketball Trainer Mastermind Facebook Group

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