Sean Hardeman On The Business Side Of Basketball Training | Episode 015

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Do you know one of those skill developers that isn’t really huge on social media, but has an actual business that is THRIVING?

That’s Sean Hardeman of Ball Hard.

Along with 12 patent pending basketball tools, the man handles biz. We talk about contracts with other gyms, and 

You’ll want to hear how I actually got introduced to Coach Hardeman and why I respect him so much.

0:00 – My rough introduction to Coach Hardeman

15:00 – Seeing basketball training as a competition 

18:00 – Ugly language in contracts and what to watch out for when negotiating with other gyms

27:00-  The danger of not having a business plan or a contract

29:00 – The main way he grew his business

43:00 – Question of the day

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