Stacey Scott on Building An International Basketball Academy | Episode 002

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Meet Stacey Scott. He’s been in the basketball training industry for 30 years and has made millions. He’s trained during top camps hosted by the likes of Nike and Addidas. Before beginning his academy, he created software for the mortgage industry, sold his business, started his own real estate firm, and then began focusing on developing kids full-time. He’s trained other trainers and now has his academy in 4 different locations of Seattle, Bermuda, Atlanta, and Reno. No matter what level of a trainer you are, you can benefit from the wisdom Stacey shares on this episode. Below are the main takeaways.

4:00 Why your basketball accolades mean nothing as a basketball trainer and what you need to be telling your potential customers.
7:45 The challenge of working his day-job while growing his training business
8:35 Different Aspects of a successful foundation for a training business
12:45 The pitfall of no unity among basketball trainers
14:40 Why winning doesn’t always mean growth
18:40 Where to start if you want to reach your goals a trainer
19:30 Importance of explaining the “how” and “why” of your training
21:50 Little sacrifices made to build a business
22:30 Why Stacey is on edge daily and the type of personality needed to survive in this business
24:00 What BDA coaches tell referees before every single game
29:00 How many times Stacey fails and his most recent failure
37:15 Stacey suggests the #1 resource to learn how to grow your business
45:00 The challenge Stacey leaves with all basketball trainers
50:45 The immense fumble of not having a website 

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