B2B 74 – Dorian Lee On Losing $3 Million In Real Estate To Growing An International Basketball Training | EPISODE 74

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No cap, you’ll love this interview. I sit back and let Dorian Lee talk. He’s the Founder of Bball101 Elite Player Development based out of Atlanta, GA. He’s definitely one of the OG’s (in my eyes) in the training space. He’s got a ton of knowledge to share if you’re in the process of starting or growing your basketball training business, so make sure you listen up and SHARE this with someone. 2:00 – The job that helped Dorian transition into training full-time after losing $3million. 9:00 – How did Dorian Lee’s corporate background help him build the business he has today? 27:00 – What advice would Dorian give trainers who are building a business and caring for a family? 38:00 – The comments Dorian made about Drew Hanlen 1:20:00 – Dorian’s ultimate goal in life Check out @bball101epd. Instagram is his playbook, and follow him on his personal Facebook page for the non-politically correct Dorian.

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