B2B 75 – Are You Just Your Stats? | EPISODE 75

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As hoopers, we compare ourselves. And you know what they say, the comparison is the thief of joy. But, it also makes us the competitors that we are. I couldn’t think of a better way to bring back the podcast after a long hiatus than interviewing a role model of mine since I was a kid. Marshall Moses is a professional in every meaning of the word. In this interview, you’ll listen to an artist, a professional basketball player, a husband, father, and learn some GOLD that will bless your SOUL. Interview Notes: 2:41: Marshall and Myson talk about Marshall’s upbringing and how it shaped him in his journey in pursuing basketball, music and other things. Talks about moving out at a young age to be in a better position to be more successful in his hoop dreams 5:55: the two delve into his recruiting process and how and why he chose OSU 10:50: Marshall explains how his “failure” as a freshman actually was the starting point to a lot of his future success and how important mindset is in whatever a person wants to be and “who” you are 13:53: Myson sparks a deep convo relating mindset in basketball and how it relates to your mindset in life with a simple statement “you aren’t the 30 point game and you not the 0 point game” 19:17: Myson hones in on the topic of love that Marshall mentions and how it ties into his 20/20 vision for 2020. Marshall dives in on mind control and influence, God being you and in you, etc…at 20:57 Myson has some confusion which leads to Marshall explaining in more depth or a “rant” 26:24: Focusing on what led to this unorthodox way of thinking Marshall starts to tie it all together after Myson asks when the journey he is on now started 29:36: Myson steers the conversation towards the misconceptions of the overseas ball and how Marshall’s own challenges with landing the right gig and how he finds “peace” within those challenges 32:42: Marshall clarifies any challenges and how you have to overcome them and have the right mindset, to any aspiring overseas ballers a must listen 39:02: What does Marshall identify with? He expounds on every level and brings the convo full circle in a way that everyone should hear, even if it’s to disagree 44:40: Conversation closes with the relationship between habits and how you identify with yourself becoming the YOU that you are creating. He talks briefly on the relationship with Dez Bryant as well.

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