B2B 78 – How A Former Teammate Is Killing It In Real Estate | EPISODE 78

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0:25 – Who is Myles? 1:45 – How do you make up the gap of not “seeing” the scoreboard within business like you can in sports? 13:40 – How COVID-19 affects Myles’ niche in real estate 17:27 – Advice for any athlete who wants to start a business as a young professional 20:38 – Does Myles work more in his own business than corporate? Make sure you join me and a community of other verified basketball trainers who give FREE advice in The Basketball Trainer Mastermind Facebook Group. Want to learn more about Myles and his business? Follow and check him out! Myles Daniel Instagram Myles Daniel Linktree Myson Jones’ Instagram The Basketball Trainer Mastermind Facebook Group

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