B2B 79 – Full-Time Basketball Trainer Explains How He Successfully Changed Careers | EPISODE 79

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During the COVID-19 Crisis, I interviewed Mark Kinnebrew about his transition from owning a construction business to owning his own basketball training business.  We also talk in-depth about implementing internet marketing principles into basketball businesses. If you’re thinking of starting your own basketball training business, you’ll want to listen to Mark’s advice of what to keep in mind before going all-in! Timestamps: 1:58 – Episode Starts 5:03 – What about Micah Lancaster’s Talk was so Life-Changing? 7:28 – When did you find out basketball training was financially viable? 9:13 – Why did it take so long to start training full-time? 11:36 – What helped you improve selling your business? 14:03 – What does it take for you to keep acquiring knowledge? 16:12 – What is a Value-Stack? 21:18 – What was the process of moving into your current building? 24:35 – How are you using the extra space in the building? 26:34 – What are the numbers needed to “win”? 31:03 – Whats it really like training with the I’m Possible program? 34:41 – How do you combine training and playing? 38:04 – How can trainer’s reach you? Mark is in the Basketball Trainer Mastermind group. He’s one of other verified basketball trainers who are willing to share their experiences to help those coming up in the training space. So, why aren’t you in the group again??  Join at the link below:  The Basketball Trainer Mastermind Facebook Group Mark Kinnebrew’s Facebook  Myson Jones’ Instagram

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