Chris Thomas On The Pursuit Of A Basketball Training Career – EPISODE 019

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This is an old interview that I’m just now sharing.
Coach Thomas is one of the very first player developers that I got to speak with when I was starting to train full-time.
If you’ve been in the game for awhile, then you know Chris Thomas and the great guy that he is.

He talks about going after his passion even while feeling selfish doing it.
Here’s the fast track to the good stuff:
2:00 – How he knew it was time to leave his financially stable job
6:00 – How he still did basketball training twith a 14-hour day job
9:00 – Creating a dream world and feeling selfish for going after his passion when family needed stability
10:00 – How to push yourself through hard times
13:00 – Why basketball was therapy for CT and landing gym time
19:00 – Biggest challenge with growing his business
22:00 Biggest mistakes basketball trainers are making
27:00 – Nike, Jordan, Kobe, Lebron and other opportunities CT has had as a trainer
28:00 – CT’s biggest tip for trainers to get noticed by big brands
29:00 – Kobe Bryant’s work ethic seen upfront
30:35 – How to find mentors in the basketball training industry
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