How A Career-Ending Injury Helped A Basketball Trainer Find His True Passion | Episode 018

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Ryan Buhain of 2handsbasketball talks about the transition from the Philippines to America and how he found peace as a basketball trainer even after career-ending injuries. We also talk a little about the I’m Possible Training methodology, too.

Check this quick but good episode out!
[3:00] – The injuries that held Ryan back from playing in college
[5:00] – Being around the game, but not playing the game
[8:00] – The trainer that made Ryan jump into the training world
[12:00] – How Learning From some top trainers has helped his business
[14:00] – Ryan’s best tips for growing a bigger social media following
[17:00] – What’s the point of online advertising if you don’t have an online program? Is it worth it?
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