Koran Godwin On Personal Branding In The Basketball Training Space | Episode 021

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If you don’t know who Coach Koran Godwin is, you may need to check your hooper card.
No, but really, he’s one of the TOP in the basketball training and basketball entrepreneur space.
He has a ton of wisdom to share on this entire basketball training space.
Personally, he’s saved me YEARS of stress just from his guidance.
And I was selfish at first. I wanted to charge you for these gems.​

But here they are… free!​

4:00 – The mindset needed to embrace new strategies in your brand

4:45 – Branding on the court

7:15 – Branding yourself online

13:00 – How to stay consistent with putting out content on social media

15:00 – How Koran Godwin got 40k+ followers on Twitter

17:00 – Whether or not you need a lot of followers on Instagram or Twitter

27:00 – The philosophy of marketing that has helped him gain a massive following

30:00 – The future of the basketball training industry

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