Coach Paul Easton On How To Grow A Big Following On Instagram Even With A Full-Time Job | Episode 022

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I interview Coach Paul Easton, Founder of Drills and Skills Basketball.
This guy is a TEACHER. He’s the first to admit that he probably won’t beat you in 1-on-1, but you won’t out teach him.
A lot of trainers like to demonstrate, but it’s another ball-game when you talk about having the chops to teach it.
He’s unique, in that he’s grown a very big Instagram following of about 194K followers.
He talks about balancing his day-time job with basketball training online and offline.
4:00 – How Coach Paul made his way to America from Scotland
6:30 – How Coach Paul got his first clients
11:00 – How Coach Paul got his style of marketing on Instagram and how he got a big following without paid advertising
14:00 – The difference between free content and paid content
15:00 – Balancing a 9-5pm with growing his Basketball Training
16:00 – Coach Paul’s editing equipment
18:00 – Coach Paul coaches trainers on how to grow their social media following
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